Useful links and tools.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Andrew’s Moore statistics and data mining tutorials

Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning (book)

Caltech Online Course: Learning from data

Web Services and standalone applications: DAME, Weka, Orange, VOStat


“Data Mining - Concepts and Techniques”, J. Han & M. Kamber, MK

“Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition”, C.M. Bishop, Oxford University Press

“Introduction to Information Retrieval”, Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan & Hinrich Schütze, 2008, Cambridge University Press

Programming Languages and DM Libraries

R: Official Manuals, Advanced R programming, R-Inferno, R-studio

Matlab: Official Documentation, SOM Toolbox, Bayesian Net Toolbox, Netlab

Other libraries: FANN, LibSVM

Software Architectures and Information Retrieval

Apache Tika (Content Detection and Analysis)
Joshua Decoder (Statistical Machine Translation)

Apache OODT (Big Data Processing)

Visualization Resources

Tools: d3js,, Topcat, Processing

Modern Visualization Thinking:

Historical Visualization Thinking: